Flower Design Course Curriculum

  • European Design: It’s a British invasion! In this flower design course, flower introductions are made as well as learning hand tied European designs, including the secrets tips from London, Paris and Rome. You will learn vasing for everyday and extraordinary nights. Create a perfect vase of flowers, every time, guaranteed!
  • Here Comes The Bride!
    Create bridal looks from the magazines made by you. For down the aisle or down your table. Color compositions and the right flower choices are discussed.
  • Architectural Design, The Urban Landscape Structural, Architectural and Linear designs for an urban life. Flower designers and sculptors have much in common!
    Discover different ideas for a sleek contemporary design look for home or office in this flower design course.
  • Learn Pave
    a French term most often used in the jewelry business. Learn how to Pave with flowers. Create strong graphic designs in this unique style. It’s a pop “Warhol” like approach to flower design.
  • Dutch, Flemish, The Classics Interpreted
    Recreate the masters from Dutch Botanical paintings and illustrations. Recreate the secrets of the artists and bring “museum” quality designs to your home.
  • Up, Up and Away and Down Under
    Tabletop designs that soar and go underwater to quench your need for the unusual and the vogue in flower design are covered.
  • Learn Secrets of Editorial Designers and Event Planners
    Get connected to the world of the professional designer. A field trip to the flower markets is included with most courses.
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Comprehensive Curriculum

Projects will include: European Hand-tie / Rose Vase Arrangement / English Arrangement / Rose Bouquets / Mixed Bridal Bouquets / Hydrangea Bouquets / Corsages / Boutonnieres / Head Wreaths / Basing / Parallel Design / Wreaths / Pave / Lily Topiaries / Mixed Vase Arrangements / Round Centerpiece / Tropical Centerpiece / Triangle Design / Ball Topiary / Vase Arrangements / Mixed Medium.

  1. Our 3 to 4 Hour Classes in Flower Design contain 3 to 4 projects PER DAY. All classes are a hands-on experience with ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED, including tools, containers and fresh flowers for the complete design experience.
  2. Students approach the course period with the goal of acquiring the resources and skills for designing their DIY projects. Classes are extremely informative and filled with hands-on experience. Students move at a steady pace from one design to the next.
  3. In each class, hundreds of stems of fresh flowers including orchids and a variety of other tropicals, English garden and Dutch varieties of flower species are shipped in for the use of the student to design and cut. Each student takes his or her designs home at the end of each class. Students are encouraged to take pictures of their work for portfolio samples, as well as to document their progress.
  4. A trip to the Flower Market is also scheduled to give the students an insider understanding of how the wholesale flower market operates. Students learn what it takes to buy wholesale and where the flowers originate from. Flowers used in each class are shipped in from such locales as Holland (tulips), Columbia (roses), Hawaii (tropicals) and Israel (Gerber Daisies). Pricing, ordering wholesale and calculating retail and labor costs are covered.
  5. In our Flower Design Courses, we teach the flower lover how to design elegant or contemporary arrangements for entertaining. Amazing results come from understanding the principles and theories of design as well as the application of those to different flower varieties. Everyday application is seen throughout each class as well as special events such as weddings or parties. Personal flowers to wear such as corsages, boutonnieres and head wreaths are covered. Fast and beautiful tabletop and centerpiece designs are one of the most popular segments. Pro shortcuts, tips and secrets to designing as well as procedures for more complicated designing such as bridal and high-style designing. International design styles are discussed and presented as well.
  6. It’s fun, focus, and flowers all in one! You will meet fellow students, develop a life-long skill, and educate yourself on the world of flower design while filling your life with beautiful creations of your own design.
  7. “I just did a wedding by myself as a hobby at the Hilton in Chicago and the boutonnieres happened to make it on the front page of the Trib the next morning for the grooms’ celebration of new legislation. Thank you for everything.”
    -Maggie P.
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Flower Design Course
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