BEGINNER STUDENTS – I’m a beginner with no experience, is that okay?

Yes yes yes! We prefer untrained students as they are easier to train in our methods of design. We do have designers with many years of experience taking our classes because they still get nervous. Fears of their design abilities are put to rest following our instruction. Beginners are most welcome in the program. You’ll see our new students do amazing work!

TUITION COSTS – How much are classes?

Prices vary from $195 a class, see tuition page under “registration and tuition” for all our program fees. Students pay for as many classes as they want. There is no minimum.

HOW TO REGISTER – How can I register?

All enrollments are done online. But if you have any questions feel free to call 414-617-7162 anytime. All questions are answered the same day to ensure you have all proper information. Any and all questions will be answered by one of our designers!


Do you have another question you need answered? Call 414-617-7162 or contact us and our staff of floral design experts will be happy to help answer them for you.