Floral Design Classes: Learn How To Become A Florist!

Floral Design Classes

Students who sign up for one of our Floral Design Classes receive the following benefits:

  • FREE copy of Michael Gaffney’s book “Design Star”!
  • Our Floral Design Classes are small to ensure each student receive date maximum amount of individual attention
  • Students receive flowers*  and containers
  • Greater exposure into the world the floral design
  • Completed floral portfolios at graduation
  • Proven methods of floral design

*value of flowers varies depending on the floral design class taken

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Each of our floral design classes provide students with plenty of flowers. Our floral design instructors offer helpful floral design information. When students attend one of our floral design classes, they come away with with a understanding of the concepts of floral design.

Our Flower Design school offer intensive floristry courses. We introduce our students into the world of floristry. Our floristry courses teach floral design to students of various skill levels and experience. One of our flower design experts can speak with you. Let them help you find the perfect floral design class for you!

Floral Design Classes: Different Levels Available

Do you wish to become a florist? Want to design flowers for your wedding? Our floristry courses can help. All our floristry classes are “hands-on”. This means that students have an opportunity to work with all sorts of fresh flowers. Our classes are kept small on purpose in order to maintain a good teacher to student ratio.

Our founder, Michael Gaffney, has spent years formulating his proven teaching methods. The result is easy to understand design formulas that you can use to create great floral arrangements. Michael has taught floristry courses for television shows such as the Today Show, Hallmark Channel and other major TV network!

Please call 414-617-7162 to speak with one of our floral designers. Let them help answer any of your flower design related questions.