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November 20, 2019

Hi Everyone,
Winter is approaching and I can feel it here in Miami. It’s one of my favorite times of the year for designing. I love the fall leaves and I love pine, cedar and balsam. When you’re designing, your hands are covered with tar from the branches all season long.

I’m in Miami on my way to Los Angeles, then going on vacation in Zihuatenejo, Mexico. I have not been there in 3 years, but previously visited for over 20 years straight. So if anyone’s in the Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo area come visit.

Btw…Masters classes are happening in San Diego and San Francisco. You’ve been asking me for them, so they are being held soon. San Francisco will be the week of New Year’s Eve, a perfect way to celebrate the New Year. I also have a new subscription service which shows you extended videos from flower markets island getaways and classes all available thru the website. I’ve been getting lots of calls lately from people ordering their bulk flowers from me and I’m very happy to help you with your order to figure out what varieties of flowers and how many you’ll need. It’s probably the most difficult thing to figure out when you first start designing.

The other day I ran into a student who graduated 2 years ago from my school. She’s now a superstar in the industry doing the BET awards, Grammy awards and Oscar parties. She’s only been out of school for two years. She approached me with the event designer for a major internet provider, both working on an upcoming $100,000 event!

So on that note. See you in Ixtapa for a seafood lunch.

Keep bloomin’,
Michael Gaffney