I was on QVC selling "Flower Crazy" - Flower School 101

September 01, 2016



It’s been an exciting month.
I was on QVC selling my invention called “Flower Crazy“, a flower design system that makes those cubes and cylinders much easier to design with.
For those of you that are event and wedding planners, “Flower Crazy” will your make life much easier.

mike-in-front-of-qvcWe just finished posting new winter classes in all of our American School of Flower Design cities and still have room in most of our fall classes. See our start dates page for details.

Also, for Floral Designers who have taken our one week intensive or our 4 or 6 week Design Star course, we posted our Spring Master’s Classes which will be held next year in five cities next spring: Miami , San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. If you want to attend a master’s class and you don’t live in one of those cities plan on a week’s vacation with me!!

Believe it or not, winter and holiday season approaches and they are a busy time for florists. Now is the time to get out there and start looking for those floral jobs. Lots of event companies are hiring, retail florists are always looking for extra help and there’s lots of clients out there hoping to get their house decorated and designed beautifully by you. Winter and holiday season is my favorite time of year to design. I love the balsams, cedars and Pines and berries.

My new book “Flower Power” is selling well and I’ll be starting on my third book from Miami soon.

About Mike Gaffney

World renowned floral designer Michael Gaffney teaches flower design from the ground up. Once upon a time, Michael Gaffney worked away in a cubicle on Wall Street. Overworked and uninspired, he didn’t really know how unsatisfied he was until one day, on a visit to his Midwest hometown, he stepped into a flower shop. “I realized how much flowers can affect a person. They’re part of every stage of life – birth, death, weddings, funerals, memories, romance. And I saw how good designs make a stronger impact. Suddenly, I wanted to be part of that. I saw floral design as a way to help people renew, recover, express sympathy, fall in love, and share friendship. And in doing that, I understood that I could actually make a good living, doing something I love, while adding beauty and flair to events that touch people’s lives.”